Not Receiving Activation Email from Roku com link? Find a solution here!

Does the Roku com link fail to send you an email for the activation process? Let us find out the root cause of this situation. Linking your Roku account to your personal Email-id is a crucial step for activating the Roku streaming device. If not linked properly, you could face multiple issues later. This is the case when any user enters the wrong or invalid email id, the linking of Roku devices, and your account can not be established. Email is the first step to initiate the Roku Activation process. Therefore, if that little important information is wrong or not valid, then the Roku Activation process cannot be processed completely using the Roku com link.

While creating your Roku account, it is very important to link your email id using the roku com link. Doing this will allow the roku notification regarding activation, updates, payments, etc to reach your email id.
Possible reasons for not getting Email from Roku com link
For activating the Roku streaming devices, you need to enter the email id so that Roku team shall send the activation code to your mail. Few reasons for not receiving activation email are mentioned below-

Reason 1

While activating your Roku streaming device, make sure that your Roku device is linked with your Roku account registered with your email id. If not then the Activation email will not be received.

Reason 2

While activating your Roku device, at that time you are requested to enter the registered email id on the screen. So that you could receive the Activation link. However, if you are not receiving the mail then probably you might have entered the wrong address. As far as Email-id is considered, it is not case sensitive. Nevertheless, if you have added or missed any alphabet then, the error could occur.

You must recheck the email id, if it’s not correct make sure to edit it and then try again.

Reason 3

Another issue might occur when the email entered does not match the registered email id. So make sure the email id entered matches the email id used at the time of creating Roku account.

Reason 4

Make sure to check your internet connectivity. Low internet speed could also result in failure of receiving Roku Activation email.

How to get Activation Email using Roku com link?

To begin with, create your Roku account if you don’t have one. If having a Roku account registered using a valid email id, then proceed further for activating the devices using the Roku com link.

Quick Steps to Create a Roku Account-
Visit or the official website of Roku
At the top right corner of the page, you can see the “sign up” option. Click that!
Then a new window will be opened showing a sign-up form.
Fill in the details like your full name, email address, and password.
Make sure to enter the email id which is actively in use.
Now proceed further and click on the “Continue” button.

Performing the above steps in order will create your Roku account.

Key features

Creating a Roku account is absolutely free, no charge will be cost in creating a Roku account using Roku com link.
Roku does not charge any activation fee.

On-screen steps for setting up a Roku Express-

Getting Activation mail is a very simple process, you need to switch on the TV and set up your Roku streaming device to the TV. following are the steps to set up a Roku express streaming device.

Setup and activation steps-

  1. Firstly, choose a preferred language
  2. Then, Connect your Roku Express to your internet and your TV
  3. You must wait for some time and then download the software
  4. Now, select the display type from the settings option.
  5. Now visit the site using a browser and create your Roku account
  6. Now enter the email and the link provided on the Tv screen.
  7. You can either use a computer, laptop or smartphone, etc.
  8. Activate your Roku device by entering the registered Email id.
  9. Yes, you are done!

Things to do when Not Receiving the Roku Activation Email

After you associate your Roku gadget with your home organization and the web, you must enter your email address to start the initiation cycle. If you didn’t get an Activation email from Roku after finishing this process, you should initially browse that your email address was entered accurately. Email addresses are not case sensitive, yet make sure that an additional letter was not added accidentally, or a period was not embedded in some unacceptable spot.
On the off chance that your email address was entered accurately. So, this might be a reason you actually don’t see an initiation email in your inbox. Attempt the accompanying for better results-

Stand by somewhat more: sometimes, it might require a few minutes to get the actuation email. Be certain you stand by a couple of moments prior to investigating.

Check your spam organizer: Email clients like Gmail, Outlook, etc may obstruct messages from unnoticed senders, setting these messages in a spam (or garbage) envelope. You may have to go into your spam organizer and acknowledge Roku as a perceived sender to get the initiation email to show up in your inbox.
Still stuck with the same issue, try attempting the following-

Get back to your Roku gadget and press the “Back button” on your Roku far off. When incited, have a go at entering your Email address once more.
In the event that if the issue rehashes, take a stab at initiating your Roku gadget utilizing an alternate email address.
What is displayed on the screen when Roku Activation is not sent to your Email?
The activation link terminates within 15 to 20 minutes which means it gets expired soon. Make sure to keep the setup ready and enter the code ASAP! If you see “Your account activation link expired” or “We can’t contact you by Email” when attempting to use the activation link, just click on “Resend” in the email message you got from Roku and another email will be sent. After a second, look in your inbox for another message from Roku with another activation link for you to attempt.
If you still keep on seeing either message in the wake of getting another activation link, have a go at actuating your Roku devise using a different email address.
Final Thoughts on Roku com Link

With the help of Roku com link, users can get their Roku devices activated in no time. Always try to pick the email id and password which is easy to remember and as per the guidelines. Once you are registered then you can work on getting the activation code using Roku com link.

I hope this helps!

In case of any confusion or errors, do contact our support team and get your issues resolved in just a few seconds.

Happy Streaming with Roku!

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